Why NewMeadow Uno?

What makes NewMeadow Uno unique and of special value to you? You. There’s nobody exactly like you or your organization. The questions we’ll ask about you will give you confidence, faith and encouragement while you’re traveling on a path that leads to success—however you define it.

No more stumbling around in the dark  without a plan to generate more purposeful, personal and peaceful interactions with the more than 400+ million Spanish speakers worldwide.  

Spanish learners: Perhaps you’ve invested hundreds of dollars in Rosetta Stone but still don’t know how to correct your pronunciation errors? Or maybe you’ve got an account at Duolingo but still can’t understand native speakers? Have you immersed yourself in Spanish culture and language but flailed around like a drowning person who had never learned to swim? These products can’t possibly know what makes you so wonderful. NewMeadow Uno will guide you to the best resources to meet your goal. Learn more.

Educators: You've no doubt had students who don't learn as well as others. You can't reach them, for whatever reason. Maybe it's them? Maybe it's you? Maybe it's a variety of reasons? And maybe you need something that Teacher's Discovery, Spanish 4 Teachers or FluentU doesn't provide you. Tell NewMeadow Uno what the challenge is, such as simplifying pronunciation, and we'll help. Learn more.

Business Professionals: Far too many organizations have yet to figure out how to maximize their recruiting and marketing/sales dollars. NewMeadow Uno can do the work for which you have neither the time, resources nor confidence to do in-house. Learn more.

As a NewMeadow Uno client, you are our "número uno" focus. Whether you're a learner, educator or HR/marketing/sales professional, here's what’s in it for you:

  • A free, no-obligation and confidential consultation/assessment ($100+ value)
  • Extensive market research from a reliable and experienced professional Spanish-speaker, teacher, corporate trainer and marketing/sales pro
  • Newfound confidence
  • Feeling like a million bucks (before taxes) as you become more capable and self-sufficient 
  • The chance to share your triumph with others who will appreciate and respect you

Let's get started.