How do you engage that student who isn’t scoring well on tests and/or seems adrift?

And how about those students who do well enough on your written tests but whose pronunciation would amuse, confuse or distract a native Spanish speaker? Are they saying words that would distract a native speaker—like many students who unwittingly say "bulls" when they mean "everybody?" 

How much extra time do you have to help them?

How much time have you or your students spent sifting through the hundreds of thousands of websites looking for “the best” way to complement your efforts?  

At NewMeadow Uno, we continue to scour the Internet and communicate with native speakers from Spain, South America, Central America and the Caribbean. We know through personal and professional experience and research that there is no one ideal way to learn Spanish. Let us guide you to the products and services best suited for each student’s learning tendencies, goals, and budget.     

After a free, no-obligation assessment of what makes each student wonderful and worthy of success, we’ll provide each with a short list of recommendations that can lead them to their happy Spanish place.

Let's get started.