Welcome, friend. Bienvenido (bee-yen-ben-KNEE-though).

NewMeadow Uno is “número uno” at empowering and encouraging learners, educators and businesses professionals to generate more purposeful, personal and peaceful interactions with the more than 400+ million Spanish speakers worldwide. 

Esta es la misión

With this mission in mind, NewMeadow Uno is "número uno" at serving people in these sectors:

Educational: For children or adults who want/need to learn Spanish, we provide services such as assessments and personalized learning plans. For teachers and tutors, we offer coaching and lesson plan guidance. For learners and educators alike, NewMeadow Uno has introduced the first-of-its-kind simplified pronunciation platform, ¡Buenas Erres!®

Business: For HR, marketing and sales professionals, NewMeadow Uno provides assessments and creates action plans for recruitment and business development. We can coordinate your efforts and/or serve as an outsourced contributor. 

What makes NewMeadow Uno “número Uno” is personalization: Getting to know you is job number one.

Let’s get started.

Jim Dwyer
Founder and President