Independent Spanish Learner: You want to learn Spanish but don't know where to begin. Maybe you want to travel to Costa Rica. Or maybe learning Spanish for your job would garner you more respect and improve moral or productivity.  So you get on your smartphone or laptop to look for the best way to learn Spanish. So many resources online that your head can spin. Even the term "learn Spanish" can overwhelm you.

Won't that take years, time I don't have?

Maybe not. It all depends upon your purpose and background, so before you purchase RosettaStone or sign up for a Duolingo account, you want some guidance to direct you to the right resources for you and your budget.

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Middle, Junior High, High School or College Student: You don't necessarily want to be fluent in Spanish or travel the world. Sure, Spanish will help you in a career and it would be fun to study in Spain for a semester. But all you need right now is a better grade.

You start searching the Internet, and you realize there are hundreds of thousands of pages dedicated to learning Spanish. Products and services and tons of ads created by nice people—but they don't know your story. You need someone who gets you. Someone who will listen and then guide you to the right resources so that you can improve your grades. 

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Spanish Teacher: You're overwhelmed with getting through the material you have to present, grading homework and tests. Not enough time to help the students who need extra motivation, a different learning environment or better study habits. And you know their pronunciation needs work, but no matter how much they listen to or read Spanish, they continue to mishear it or misinterpret the phonology. You guide your students with some additional resources, but they're still not making progress.

You need a fresh set of ears to help you with lesson planing or to provide you with a pronunciation product that's simple for students to use and easy for you to incorporate into your curriculum. 

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