Use Cases for Business Professionals

Non-profit Organization Professional: You want to establish and solidify connections with Spanish speakers—potential employees/volunteers and donors, as well as your constituents. You’ve tried translating your Web site to Spanish but native Spanish speakers from different countries couldn’t agree on content. Localization costs too much money. 

You need someone who can coordinate communication between the Spanish-speakers and create relevant content at a cost that fits your budget. You need someone who thinks about the big picture but who can stimulate immediate impact on a small scale. 

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Higher Education Enrollment and Diversity Professional: Your school has so much to offer, yet you’re losing too many prospective students to other higher education institutions. You feel pretty good about the increasing level of diversity, but you wonder if there’s more you can do to attract the growing number of Hispanics. Maybe you even have a recruiter or two who speaks Spanish, but you want to make sure you don’t get complacent. 

You need someone who can empower your non-Spanish speakers with a few well-pronounced phrases that will compel prospective students to learn more about your esteemed university. You need someone who can coordinate a small-scale project that can have immediate impact without alarming your CFO. 

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Musician: You love writing songs and performing them for your fans. You want to make the world a more peaceful place. Expanding your audience is so difficult because of all the competition. You have only so many hours in the day and/or lack the expertise to infuse your songs with Spanish lyrics, much less sing them with decent pronunciation. 

You need someone who digs your music, another musician who understands hooks, rhyme, and metering. Someone who can inject a small dose of Spanish lyrics into a song or two—music that will grab the attention of new fans without alienating the ones you’ve worked so hard to attain. 

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Professional Hockey Marketing/PR Representative: Attendance and merchandise sales could be better. Your business valuation numbers at worry you. You can’t wait for your team to win the Stanley Cup to generate more revenue. You’ve considered engaging the Hispanic community to increase overall revenue per fan, but you’re not sure the investment is worth it. And even if you want to take action, you don’t have the resources. 

You need another hockey mind to provide numbers that your finance people will find compelling. You need someone who can make immediate impact on a small project. 

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