The ¡Buenas Erres!® platform empowers and encourage students to improve their pronunciation accuracy by using sounds they’ve already mastered in English. 

It complements textbooks, which emphasize grammar, spelling, and listen-and-repeat exercises, which can overwhelm visual learners with rapid pronunciation.

The ¡Buenas Erres!® platform and SlowMotion Spanish™ method provides learners with a a crawl-walk-run approach to pronunciation that is taught within the context of vocabulary typically presented in beginning Spanish courses. 

Incorporating and moving beyond content categorized as presented in a textbook, such as countries, greetings, numbers, and various social settings, the ¡Buenas Erres!® platform enables students to understand and converse with native speakers in all the Spanish-speaking countries. 

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NewMeadow Uno: "Número Uno in Spanish Pronunciation"