Christmas In March: The Gift of Not Having to Speak Spanish

“I had four years fo Spanish in high school, but I can’t speak it.” “They speak too fast.”

What if you didn’t have to speak it but could still make a special connection with someone in a Spanish-speaking country?

I’ve never spoken with the child I sponsor in Bolivia, five-year-old Fabricio. I just got a letter from his mom, though, translated to English and uploaded to the Web.

Seeing the Christmas tree Fabri drew and reading the note his mom wrote in Spanish brings me great joy.

One day, I’d like to hear Fabri's voice, maybe even speak with him. Until then, I’m grateful that I can practice my written Spanish, make the word better—and continue learning.

Fabri’s mom mentions picana. Never heard of it. Now that I know it’s a traditional Christmas Eve meal, I want to try it.

Eating that dish will nourish my stomach, heart and soul.  

What if your words, written in English or Spanish, could do for a child of your own choosing?